Why and when 3D/4D ultrasound process is carried out?

The 3D ultrasound method is an innovation of the 2D method. It transforms conventional images into three-dimensional images, allowing the mother to be able to visualize a more realistic image of her baby. In fact today we even have an application to enhance the 3D images obtained by ultrasound. 3D/4D Ultrasound in Utah can be performed at any stage of pregnancy. However, it is important to inform that the image that we will obtain is different, depending on the gestational age. No special preparation is necessary. However, avoiding using creams on the abdomen and drinking plenty of fluids in the 24 hours before the exam can help to obtain better images.

Ultrasound Scans – Is There a Difference Between 3D and 4D Scans?

How is a three-dimensional ultrasound performed?

The way the exam is performed does not differ much from ordinary ultrasound. The big difference is in the post-processing of images, performed by the ultrasound device. Several two-dimensional slices are obtained by an appropriate sensor and the ultrasound device reconstructs these slices to generate the 3D/4D image. All situations that make the two-dimensional image bad will also worsen the 3D image. In order to obtain a good 3D/4D image, we must initially have a good image in the 2D exam.

The main factors for image quality are

The fetal position – when the fetus is facing the mother’s back, it is impossible to generate an image of the face. The characteristics of amniotic fluid: amniotic fluid provides the device with the necessary contrast to form a good image. When the volume of liquid is reduced or if it becomes very white, it can make it impossible to acquire a good image. Sound attenuation in maternal tissues: image quality is directly linked to the passage of sound through maternal tissues. In situations where the sound has difficulty passing, the image may be poor.

How long does the exam take?

The duration of the exam in the best Prenatal Imaging Centers of Utah depends a lot on the quality of the images obtained. Under favorable conditions it can be quick and easy to obtain beautiful images. In unfavorable situations, an attempt is made to obtain images up to the maximum limit of 20 minutes. It is useless to keep trying because over time the fetus ends up noticing the movement on the abdomen and instinctively protects the face, covering it with the limbs or turning the face to the side of the maternal spine.

Is it possible to make images of the hands, feet and genitalia?

Yes, however the extremities are usually in contact with the wall of the uterus and therefore are not surrounded by amniotic fluid. Therefore, it is very difficult to obtain clear images of the extremities. Does the agreement cover the 3D/4D exam? No, this exam is not covered by the covenants.

What is the difference from 3D to 4D?

The 3D function of the device produces still images. It has a better quality. The 4D ultrasound allows you to view images with movement, with slightly lower quality because the collection of images is done quickly and continuously.

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