An Overview on The Crystal Chandelier – Brief Introduction to The Crystal Types and Care

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The crystal chandeliers are normally created with the glass as the basic material. The glass that is used for designing of crystal chandeliers will not be one that is used for designing drinking glasses, windows, eyeglasses, and so on.

Crystal chandeliers bring out a unique ambiance in the room where they are installed. The light rays that reflect off the glass in the chandeliers offer beautiful lighting to the room where they are installed. This is because of the reason that the crystals in the chandelier are made of glass, which has lead oxide as the basic material. This factor makes the room become more sparkly and prismatic.

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Types of Crystal Chandeliers

Here are some of the types of crystal chandeliers for you to choose one for your house.

  1. Colored Crystal Chandeliers

The crystals that are used for the installation in the crystal chandeliers will be coated with colors of preference of the manufacturer. The normally preferred color for crystals in the crystal chandeliers is champagne hue.

  1. Venetian Crystal Chandeliers

The crystals that are used in the venetian crystal chandeliers are molded ones and not the ones that are cut in desired shapes. The round edges are designed by fire polishing. The glass crystals that are used here are made of lime and soda and not like the traditional lead oxide, and this factor makes the glass crystals easy to mold in desired shape and sizes.

  1. K9 Crystal Chandeliers

K9 crystals are mass produced in such a way that they look like mass produced crystals. This is an ideal chandelier type for people who are value-minded and would love to get the right option for their budget.

  1. Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers

Swarovski crystals are actually considered as the excellent quality crystals and are unique in their design and texture. These crystals are designed in the Australian Alps and every cut is flawless, clear and unique. These crystals are available in many colors and sizes and you can find the chandeliers that fit perfectly with the room décor.

  1. Rock Crystals

Rock Crystals date back to many centuries and are the oldest form of crystals that are available today. These are the crystal types that actually replaced the candles as the only source of light in the 16th century. Rock crystals are naturally available and are mined by the gem cutters. The chandeliers made of rock crystals will surely add a unique ambiance to any room.

Crystal Chandelier Care

The best way to keep the sparkly nature of crystals in the crystal chandeliers is by cleaning them with the solution made of 3 parts distilled water and 1-part isopropyl rubbing alcohol. You can even use Palmolive or lukewarm water for thorough cleaning of the crystals.

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