How To Reduce The Use Of Plastic?

Plastics sure make life easier. There are more than a hundred uses anyone can think of when they think of plastics. However, it is high time that everyone realizes the harmful effect it is producing on the very planet we live in. Clear plastic bottles that you keep in your home to make way for other sustainable materials. Mentioned down below are some ways through which one can reduce the use of plastic.

Avoid Using Plastics That Can Only Be Used A Single Time

Using and throwing utensils made of plastic makes life easier. But it is harmful to our planet. Plates and other utensils made from plastic should be avoided. Adopt methods such as using metal straws for your drinks. Utensils made of other materials can be used. They are reusable and can easily be washed.

Bags Made Up Of Clothes

While shopping for groceries or other related items, take a bad made of cloth with you. This will ensure that no plastic is being used by you. Such bags can also be reused many times. They can be easily made at home too. Buying them from the market is also not an expensive idea.

Avoid Using Heavily Packaged Stuff 

Many daily items, when bought at markets are heavily packaged with plastic. Ignore such products. Presently, there are various alternatives used in packaging products. Opting for such products is a good choice. You should also clear plastic bottles (ขวดพลาสติกใส, which is the term in Thai) from your house and instead, buy bottles that are not harmful to the environment.

Making People Around You Aware

It will make a significant difference if not only you but others around you are made aware of it. You should start your family first. Make people around you aware of how the use of so much plastic can be harmful and what alternatives can be used to ensure a better living.

The Three R’s

Reduce, reuse and recycle should be everyone’s mantra. Plastics should be sorted in different garbage cans so that they can be taken to appropriate places to recycle. Clear plastic bottles out into recycling waste. Buy products that can be reused multiple times. Make use of alternative materials rather than plastic to help reduce its usage.

These were just some of the many ways through which one can ensure a reduction in the usage of plastic. Plastic is a harmful substance and should be avoided. To provide a sustainable environment, alternative methods should be used.

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