What are the causes and factors of obesity?

Obesity (obesiti) is the most common issue in a lot of countries in this world. In general, obesity is determined by calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI). A person with a BMI over 30 is considered as obese. There are a lot of worrying complications that can arise from obesity. This includes high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney problem, sleep apnea and many more. This is why most people with obesity tend to do a lot of things that can help them to lose weight. However, it is not that easy to lose weight especially without a strong determination. People with obesity need determination and hardwork in order to overcome this problem. Not just that, they also need to know the causes so that it will be easier for them to fight it. Well, you must know your enemy before you can fight them. So, in this article we will discover what are the causes and factors of obesity.

  1. Physical inactivity

This is the common problem for people with obesity. They tend to just sit in their house and lack exercise. This habit will of course have an effect towards their own body. Lack of physical activity will make you fat. Hence, it is recommended to do physical activity at least 30 minutes per session for 5 days in a week. Besides, there are a lot of activities that you can choose from. From running, walking, cycling, swimming, you name it all. Just make sure to choose the one that is suitable for you.

  1. Eating a lot of unhealthy food

People love to eat. That is a fact. However, people that love to eat unhealthy food will obviously have increased chances of being obese. Unhealthy food such as junk food, fast food, carbonated drink and sugary drink are foods and drinks that contribute a lot to obesity. They were designed to last longer and taste better, which means a lot of unhealthy chemicals were used during its production. To overcome this habit, make sure you start planning your diet carefully. You can always refer to the food pyramid in order to eat a well-balanced diet.

  1. Genetic

This fact is a bit sad to know, but a fact is a fact. Research has shown that obesity can also be caused by genetics. This means that you are likely to become obese if both of your parents are obese. There are some genes in the DNA that affect some of our hormones. These hormones are the one that are responsible for making us overweight. However, this does not mean that obesity cannot be corrected. If you are obese due to the genetics, changing your lifestyle and environment can be the best way to help you lose some weight.

  1. Medications

If you are having a certain medical condition, taking medication regularly is a way to handle that situation. However, the cons to this is that there are some medications that can increase your weight. Antidepressants, antipsychotics, oral contraceptives pill, diabetes drugs and also steroid medications can cause obesity. They can make you gain weight either by increasing your appetite or lowering your body metabolism. If you are having this problem, it is best to discuss with your doctor on how to handle this condition.

  1. Medical condition

Most diseases will affect our body function. There are some diseases that are associated with obesity. This includes hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, polycystic ovary disease and also Prader-Willi syndrome. People that have this disease need to discuss with their doctor about the solution to this problem. Normally, the doctor will always offer some solutions in order to help with the weight gaining problem.

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