Violet cosmetic jars are about to reach your drawer

The cosmetic industry is constantly looking for new ways to offer higher quality, 100% natural products. Although there are different materials and colors, there is one that is revolutionizing the cosmetic jars market. At first glance it looks black, but it is actually dark violet. Violet glass or miron glass is a simple but efficient trend. It turns out that the use of violet glass in cosmetic jars helps cosmetics have a much longer shelf life and eliminate the need for preservatives. This translates into much more natural, long-lasting and effective cosmetic products. We all want our cosmetics to maintain the same effectiveness as day one. Violet glass or miron glass makes this possible.

A secret used since ancient Egypt

Incredible as it may seem, this technology is not new. There are records of violet containers that were used by the Egyptians to preserve their special oils and balms. Although there are records of violet glass cosmetic jars being used in the Middle Ages, they ceased to be used with the introduction of preservatives. Today, however, customers are looking for products that are of higher quality and 100% natural. For example, a skin care cream is a delicate product and therefore must be 100% natural to avoid allergic reactions. Violet glass makes it possible to avoid the use of preservatives by filtering out the harmful rays of sunlight. Only UV, violet and infrared rays pass through the glass. These rays not only preserve the product for much longer, but also energize it, helping it to maintain its natural properties.

The story doesn’t end with cosmetics

It would be crazy to reuse those cosmetic plastic jars, wouldn’t it? But that’s not the case with cosmetic jars made from violet glass. Glass does not absorb odors like plastic does. This allows the violet glass jar to be reused once the cosmetic inside is gone. Because glass is a 100% sterile material, cleaning and disinfection is accomplished with just some soap and hot water. But what other uses can this jar have? The answer depends on the size of the jar and what you want to store in it. A quick answer would be tea leaves, coffee, spices and any other organic material that you want to keep for a long time. Violet glass manages to keep the natural quality as well as the flavors and aromas intact, making it an ally in your kitchen. Violet glass helps to maintain your beauty and preserve the nutrients of your favorite products.

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