Tips for Buying Smart Band

Smart Band and smart watches have become the hottest smart wearable devices. So many consumers have been struggling with the choice between the two. In fact, they have their own advantages. One should make full consideration according to the needs and budgets. In general, smart watches have higher prices than Smart Band. The functional equipment of watches will be more complete.

In fact, Smart Band are enough in daily life for some ordinary consumers. It satisfies the monitoring and analysis of various data.

Material of bracelet

Smart Bands have various colored materials in appearance. That makes products more diversified. People have developed and expanded materials. The wristband materials of Smart Band have expanded. The most basic three materials are TPU, TPE and silica gel. Producers added mental material. Wristbands have different advantages and disadvantages. They have their aesthetic functions. Silica gel material has excellent elasticity, strong waterproofness and lower cost. However, its touch is thick. It is easy to be stained with ash and difficult to handle. TPE wristbands are good in elasticity and stain resistance. The price of TPE is high. The TPU wristband has better hardness, stronger elasticity, less deformation and moderate price.

 Bracelet screen

The display screen of the bracelet is important. People prefer the color screen. It has a better experience and artistic feeling than the black-and-white screen. Smart Band with color screens can support a variety of dial choices. These advantages meet everyone’s personalized pursuit.


The endurance of all smart devices with storage batteries is essential. Naturally, its endurance is as long as possible. The endurance of mainstream Smart Band generally ranges from 7 to 30 days. Consumers can make choices and concerns within this range of endurance.

In fact, Smart Band are amazing for the deepening of socialization. HONOR is a mainstream consumer electronics brand. HONOR’s Smart Band have developed to today’s Band 5 from the first generation. Demand is exceeding supply. That confirms the acceptance of Smart Band from the side. Its position in the market is unshakable from now on. Consumers need not worry much about the losing of Smart Band.

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