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Interior design is not only about beautifying any space it incredibly enhance the functionality and safety of the place. Choosing right surface material can make huge difference in the overall look and feel of the space. Laminate is a popular choice for both vertical and horizontal applications as it offers uniqueness, durability and aesthetic appeal simultaneously. Antimicrobial laminate is widely used in the places such as healthcare centers, restaurant, school, hotels, etc. where hygiene is most important. Even most of the modern homes make use of antimicrobial laminate in kitchen and bathroom to prevent the spread of germs. Depending on the manufacturing process and use of chemicals some of the antibacterial laminate resist and reduce almost 99.5% growth of bacteria and pathogens on the surface.

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Surface material has significant role to play when it comes to building new home or remodeling. Most of the organizations also strive to enhance the functionality and hygiene of the workplace with the best surface material. To sustain in today’s competitive marketplace it is crucial to impress the potential customers, visitor, investors and employees happy and satisfied. With the elegant, durable and germ free surface material you can instantly create great impression on others and can build reputation. If you have limited knowledge of the surface materials then seek expert’s advice. The surface material which will fit for high traffic areas might not fit well in residential space hence choose the laminates based on where you will use them.

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Laminate is cost effective surfacing solution that can provide long lasting services with little care and maintenance. Some of the benefits of laminate over other traditional options such as wood, stone, concrete, granite, etc. are

  • fill space with elegance and sophistication
  • some laminates prevent the risk of contamination
  • Safe for use
  • available in numerous colors and shades
  • adds value to the property

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