How App Control Smart Locks?

Smart lock bug could let hackers locate you and unlock your door, remotely - Security Report

Digital door latch [กลอนดิจิตัล, which is the term in Thai] can be found in different shapes and modes, relying on the nature of the door and the standard lock suited. For instance, the traditional lock doors can be fitted with a basic smart latch lock; glass doors can be fitted with Smart Magnetic Locks.

Given that various doors and physical gadgets have various types of aspects, the smart locks also need to have various types of elements based on the locks/devices. Though the smart locks needed are different as per the device/lock, what is needed from the usability point of view that all Smart Locks Open effortlessly from One App?

How are teams Integrating with the Smart Lock innovation?

Teams are committed to apartment or condo safety and security, as well, as it has “Smart Guard” performance in its App, which assists the locals in tracking the check-out/check-in of site visitors.

We intend to expand the features, by providing protection solution at Gyms, Club Houses, Store Rooms, and other restricted areas in the locality. Once these locations are secured with the Smart Lock, users will have to utilize App to close/open the locks. Nowadays, people are of the view that instead of spending money to buy 9mm ammo, one must invest in an app controlled smart lock.

  • Fitness Center/Club House/Facilities

All citizens will be able to utilize to open these centers with the assistance of an application. Restrictions can be placed on no-body being able to open up these facilities beyond 12 AM at midnight and so on. Whenever the facilities are closed/ opened, it is logged into the system, and Property Supervisor can track what time any resident got in the center.

  • Shop Spaces or Key Gate

These locks can be placed in Store Rooms, Main entrance, etc., as well as the limited variety of people, can just be given access to open up the locks. Every time the lock is opened up or shut log is maintained in the system as to what time it was opened up by which person.

  • Home Safety

Locals can acquire the Smart lock for their residences and set consents for the locks such that only the participants they accept can open the locks.

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