Dedicated Server with Bitcoin – Why Is It Necessary?

Bitcoin has started to become popular in the past years. It is one of the promising digital currencies today. As a matter of fact, it has outperformed other issued currency, commodity contracts, and an index fund. As the years go by, more and more merchants are accepting bitcoin as a form of payment.

If you are running an eCommerce and plan on accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment, then you need to have a dedicated bitcoin server hosting. Now you might be asking why it is necessary to have such a dedicated server. Why can’t you just use the regular hosting server? Below are the reasons:

No chargeback

If you send a bitcoin, you cannot retrieve it unless there is the consent of the recipient. Thus, committing fraud using bitcoin is nearly impossible unlike with credit cards. It is only the owner who has the key transaction making sure that there is no risk involved when you receive the bitcoin.

Free of fees

With bitcoin hosting, there are no associated fees including an annual fee, introductory fee, and interest fee. There is no minimum deposit fee, foreign transaction fee, and late payment charges. The savings in the fees involved are enough reasons to switch to bitcoin’s dedicated hosting.



Bitcoin is similar to cash where the transaction is not associated with personal identity, which is totally different from a credit card or bank account.

Less theft


Theft in online transaction is common. Your personal and financial information is hacked. With bitcoin, your private key is kept secret, which makes the chances of theft lower to none.

The above-mentioned things are just some of the advantages offered by bitcoin. Merchants who consider accepting bitcoin should have a hosting service dedicated for bitcoin to maximize the advantages it brings.

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