Here’s why it is important to design your condo according to your aesthetics:

Everyone dreams to live in a perfect house. They want their place to describe themselves, their inner state. Designing a condo takes a lot of consideration and perseverance. It is not a matter of hours, but months if you really want your place to have your touch. The best way to start is by going through magazines featuring various interior décor houses. Do not forget to mark the pieces that speaks to you. It is advised to experiment and combine different pieces from different pictures to make something of your own that describes you completely.

Read this for some tips on what you can do to be get started in designing your dream home:

  • Know Yourself: Before starting to decide what goes where, it is quite crucial to know what you like. The best way to do it is to go online and look for various interior pictures and save the ones you liked the most.
  • Organize Your Place: It is important that you have your furniture arranged in such a way so that it directs your eye at the right place, maybe at your television or fireplace. It is also good to consider a feng shui condo [ฮ วง จุ้ย คอน โด, which is the term in Thai] plan to bring yourself a good fortune.
  • Get a Designer: You can’t do it better than a professional in the field. Always reach out to a designer. They can understand your needs better and can design accordingly.

Here is why budgeting beforehand is considered to be important:

Furniture and other aesthetic stuff can be really expensive. Always do the budgeting beforehand and be open to your designer. You can always add the left out artwork later on when you have money. Plan everything out before taking a step unthinkingly. Usually, hiring a designers also gets you some discount on beautiful artworks used to decorate a house.

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