What to do when Injured after a Minor Car Accident

The volume of traffic and car purchases continue to rise as people see the benefit of having their cars to use when commuting to get where they need to be. However, the vehicle increase has seen a surge in the chances of being involved in a car accident.

As a driver, you are not only required to follow the traffic rules and regulations. Instead, you are also responsible for your safety and your passenger’s well-being. Hence, it is vital to know what you should do if you happen to be involved in a car accident. It includes securing safety, talking to the other party involved, gathering information, and the claim process.

Most minor fender benders happen on driveways or parking lots. It does not often cause injuries to the parties involved, but it can still be detrimental to the vehicles. When your car has severe damage, it can have expensive repair costs. Although various car insurance providers cover the cost of repairs, they still need further requirements before settling a claim.

You should gather essential information from the other driver, such as full name, contact information, insurance company and policy number, driver’s license number and expiration date, and license plate number. Additionally, it would help if you also took personal notes on what happened during the incident. Thus, it would be best if you documented the accident by taking note of the accident’s location, listing all parties’ contact information, taking pictures of the cars involved, and the damage the incident caused, identifying the officers.

It is essential to get a copy of the police report made by the officers who responded to the incident. It can help you during the claims process with your insurance company, as it can help you with your bases during the accident. It is also best to remember that various insurance firms ask for a copy of the police report before processing an insurance claim.

Although people do not often incur injuries when involved in a minor accident, there are scenarios where you may get hurt during the blunder. It is suggested to file a personal injury claim to cover treatment expenses. It can be a lengthy legal process that some people may find exhausting and time-consuming. An auto accident lawyer in Buena Park can lend a hand when you consider filing a claim.

Furthermore, looking into a Los Angeles personal injury attorney list can come in handy if you want to take to a small claims court the other party if you find out that they are uninsured. It is crucial to remember that every state in the country demands that drivers have insurance.

A car accident attorney can also help you file a claim against your insurance company, in the scenario that you hold uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance. They can provide you legal counsel and help you make better decisions when you want to take your case to trial and get the compensation you deserve. This infographic of Avrek Law details what to do when injured in a minor car accident.

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