A Brief History Behind Trophies Given as Award

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Trophies, as well as awards, can flawlessly stand for the success of an individual. One of the most typical uses of custom trophies can be seen in sports events, where an individual winning a game is granted a Trophy [ถ้วยรางวัล, which is the term in Thai] as a sign of his/her triumph. In fact, this technique of recognition goes back to old times, when individuals were offered prizes as well as plaques for their respective accomplishments. Although the style of prizes has developed given that those days, one tradition that most sports prizes continue to adhere to is the form of the prizes as well as honors.


In ancient times, people utilized chalices or cups to consume white wine or water during the ceremonies. When an individual won a sports occasion at that time, a chalice was provided to the victor to celebrate his accomplishment. This later converted into the design of prizes in the 17th Century, which were made in the type of two-handled ox-eye mugs. Gradually, the style was included when making any kind of prize mug for a sporting activities event. Ever since after that, the mug shape has actually been a pacesetter in custom trophies, a tradition that is adhered to even today.


Note that a couple of sporting activities prizes in old Greece, as well as Rome, did attempt to consist of guards to celebrate the victory of the victor. However, as the majority of the participants were provided olive oil as the incentive as opposed to gold or silver in those days, it made it a lot more sense to make use of a prize cup as opposed to a shield for awarding the winning participant. Still, a few areas are there today, where trophy guards are made use of to identify the accomplishments in sports occasions.


In more modern-day times, major sporting activities occasions adhered to the cup-shaped design when making their prizes for the winning team. Cups are acknowledged as a sign of quality in any location today, as well as although the designs of World Cup prizes for some sporting activities events have altered, the original shape of prizes is still valued in almost all of these fields.

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