What Are The Advantages Of Parking Covers?

The main function of a good awning is protection. If, in addition to protecting yourself, you need to always keep your car in good safety, you should read this article. Having your car outdoors year-round is a concern for you if you don’t have a garage to park it. The perfect solution to this problem is a structure with canvas for parking.

In addition to protecting your vehicle individually, you can also cover a larger parking area to prevent the sun or rain from affecting a group of outdoor cars or even certain areas or zones, such as a playground or others that need protection.

Therefore, it is an effective method to cover and protect your vehicles using a car cover or car umbrella (ที่บังแดดรถ, which is the term in Thai). Among the advantages of this type of parking cover are:

  1. Total Resistance

This type of textile cover is resistant and durable against the sun, rain or wind. They are PVC coated polyester tarps, totally waterproof, another reason to be calm in our car. Protection against meteorological phenomena is practically total.

  1. The Adaptation

Its dimensions and shapes are variable. The parking cover is a very aesthetic element that adapts to the needs you have, and that always ensures the perfect coverage for your vehicle.

  1. Personalization

These parking covers are made of galvanized iron, painted with two RAL components to choose from, and you can customize it to your liking. The structure is made up of three sets: pillar, beam and cover profiles.

  1. Aesthetics

This type of parking cover allows an aesthetic and functional solution without having to carry out great work to house your vehicle. You can always choose a line according to the rest of the environment.

In conclusion, to have your vehicle well protected, do not doubt that the car umbrella lanmodo (ร่มรถlanmodo, which is the term in Thai) is the best solution to your problems, as they keep the car protected throughout the year in a practical and simple way

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