What is the industrial revolution? And what is industry 4.0?

The industry is said to be the backbone of any economy. But with the direct hit of covid19 pandemic at the global economic market and the subsequent stringent measures to cope up with it has rendered the industrial sector almost handicapped. The solution towards this problem is however a simple yet tricky one. The industry 4.0 is the best and most advanced solution there is at the moment. Now many may not understand the concept of industry 4.0. The industrial revolution is basically not regarded as a revolution anymore as was taught in schools. But now it has become a concept of an industrial wave. The first industrial wave of industry 1.0 was in eighteenth-century England. Then the industry 2.0 came into being when the industry switched to electricity as its main power source from steam. This way the current wave is industry 4.0 which aims at connecting machinery with one another with IoT technology and industrial ethernet to give the autonomy of the machine over the production.

The importance of industry 4.0 in a post covid19 world

Now industry 4.0 is the best way forward in light of the covid19 pandemic situation and the standard operating procedure rules thereof because of three reasons. Firstly, the machinery will be connected with one another and can operate with synchronization which leaves little space for human resources. This leaves less human contact which is essential for the pandemic situation. Secondly, the industry can only survive by cutting its expenses, and establishing a smart fourth generation industry is a one-time investment at best. So with industry 4.0, you can be sure to make a profit. And lastly, industry 4.0 can help bring a greater level of automation and quality into the finished products that are sure to help in the long run even after the pandemic is over.

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