After IoT everything has been changed:

IoT is the game-changer in the manufacturing unit. A lot of things have been changed by the implementation of IoT การผลิต in manufacturing unit. The production rate, checking statistics of production line, quality control, and whatnot. Mostly all the things that someone can name in any manufacturing plant have been handled by IoT. Before that, all the things have to be checked manually. Because of that a lot of mistakes happen. And, it is normal because human eyes can miss a lot of things. No one can blame anyone for that. But the major thing because of that companies had to bear a lot of losses.

Also, the safety measures were put on risk. But now things have been changed a lot. After IoT, the most important thing that has been changed is the safety measures. Now, every safety aspect is monitored by IoT. So, employees can be safe during their work. And, if employees are safe then the company will automatically emerge as a big company.

IoT is the link between digitalization and automation

People who work in the industry know that it is industry 3.0 where we see robots and all. But IoT is industry 4.0 and a lot of companies have already implemented it. Many manufacturing units implemented IoT in production and supply chain. And, they have seen an upgrade in production rate. That is why digitalization is required in the current era. When everything is going on the internet then why the industries will fall behind. It has all the benefits then why not apply it.

IoT provides real-time monitoring

Those were the days when everything was kept on the papers. This is the modern world now everything is stored in the computer. As a form of data that can be used anytime. That is why IoT is being able to provide real-time monitoring of the plant.

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