English can help in career a lot:

English is the language that can open a lot of gates of opportunity for people. That is always considered to be closed. Just because a person doesn’t know or understand English very well. But right after the person started speaking English a lot of things become easier for that person. Like now the person can […]

After IoT everything has been changed:

IoT is the game-changer in the manufacturing unit. A lot of things have been changed by the implementation of IoT การผลิต in manufacturing unit. The production rate, checking statistics of production line, quality control, and whatnot. Mostly all the things that someone can name in any manufacturing plant have been handled by IoT. Before that, […]

What is the industrial revolution? And what is industry 4.0?

The industry is said to be the backbone of any economy. But with the direct hit of covid19 pandemic at the global economic market and the subsequent stringent measures to cope up with it has rendered the industrial sector almost handicapped. The solution towards this problem is however a simple yet tricky one. The industry […]