Best Tips by Therapists to Get Hold of Yourself

Life is indeed hard and we keep struggling every now or then. Be it relationships, work, or our complex minds, there are so many things that might trouble a person. Sometimes the things get so worse that you might need an outside perspective or simple advice to get things back on track.

If you don’t want to seek a counselor straight away, just have a look at the following amazing tips by the best therapists in Chicago to help you get hold of yourself.

1) Don’t take every thought too seriously

Sometimes your thoughts can be pretty crazy. But you must understand that these are just thoughts after all and should not be taken too seriously. This piece of advice can help every person suffering from any stress or psychological disorder.

2) It’s not about you all the time

Sometimes individuals may take their children’s or partner’s cold shoulder very personally or start thinking too much why a friend is not calling them back. But it’s important to realize that it’s not always about you. According to a psychotherapist from InnerVoice PC, don’t take everything too personally. Just be understanding and try to listen to the concerns of others as well.

3) Don’t always keep yourself on the hook

An individual is his or her own worst critic. But it’s essential to understand that don’t be too harsh on yourself and there’s nothing wrong in asking help from others. Beating yourself up all the time, if things go wrong, is not the right way to treat yourself. Just relax for a while and try to take things easy on yourself too.

4) Practice self-care

People know self-care is important, but very few take it seriously. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself first and taking care of yourself. For instance, try to spend some time with your friends, do exercises if you want to look a certain way, join a yoga class, take a nap when you feel like, and go for a relaxing massage session.

Professional psychotherapist Chicago

Farah Hussain Baig of Inner Voice is a licensed clinical social worker with around 20 years of experience in dealing with people suffering from mental health. She is one of the best psychotherapists in Chicago, who loves to work with couples and individuals for finding a deeper understanding of themselves, helping them make effective communications with their partners, kids, or colleagues, and help them in different practical ways.

Farah is trained in various therapeutic modalities, such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Certified in EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). Over the years, she has faced many challenges in live dealing with people suffering from mental issues, violence, trauma, drugs, alcohol, and other behavioral addictions.

If you’re also suffering from any of these mental or addictive issues, contact her at:

Phone: 312.620.1420

Fax: 312.345.8444


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