How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

The 20th century has seen a drastic transformation in the socio-economic landscape due to technological advancements. We are adopting technology all most in everything we are using to make our lives easy and fast. Finance and economics come in this category of adaptation of technology. And where there is the capital (money) there is theft. Highly intelligent individuals with mischief mindset started to tweak, break, and turn systems to their favor using Hacking Tools. These people have good knowledge of the system that they target. They are known as Hackers. They break systems breach banks digitally and steal money and currency. Existing police at that time could not catch these intelligent individuals as they do not have enough knowledge of everchanging technology. So, hackers emerged to help law and order landscape by helping police to intercept these individuals.

The current scenario has two types of hacker’s Ethical hackers and Black hat hackers. Whatever the crime is, no crime is perfect. Every crime bequests evidence that becomes a lead to the police.

The modern job market has a pretty good chance for ethical hackers. Corporates hire these nerds/geeks to break their systems and report all the loopholes before a black hat hacker finds it. An Indian got a massive mount by apple to find variability in their iPhone locking mechanism. He probably saved millions of people from this variability.

Now how can you become an ethical hacker?

Below are some of the points which will help you to become an Ethical Hacker.

Know Programming Language Basics:

An ethical hacker most of the time interacts with computer systems and electronic devices which are programmed using various programming languages such as c++, c, and Java, etc. Having a basic knowledge of these languages is vital.

Good Knowledge of Various Hacking Tools:

Hacking tools enables an individual to interact with systems. Hackerwarehouse, Hack5, Hacker, Equipment, HackaDay, SPY, Goodies are some of them.

stay Legal:

It’s important never to join in “black hat” hacking–that is, imposing or assaulting anyone’s network without their full approval. Assaulting in criminal activities, even if it doesn’t lead to criticizing, will likely destroy your ethical hacking job. Many of the available jobs are with government-related organizations and require security authorizations and polygraph testing.


Almost all the most trustworthy operating systems for hacking is based on Linux kernel, so ideal operating systems of hackers are evermore Linux. UNIX/LINUX is an open-source operating system that provides better protection to computer systems.

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