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Discover the selection of combination garden rooms with a surface area greater than 20 m². For the installation of a combination garden room there are regulations. Before installing a garden chalet, it is imperative to be in compliance with the regulations.For an outdoor area of ​​less than 5 m²: no steps to plan for.For an outdoor area of ​​less than 20 m²: a simple declaration of work is sufficient.For an outdoor area of ​​20 m² or more: it is compulsory to apply for a building permit from your town hall.

In all cases, rules specific to each municipality must be observed, whether for the height, size or location of the shelter in the garden. The local urban plan (PLU) determines the constraints to be respected for a click here.

What materials for your combination garden room?

There are 3 main families of materials for garden chalets: wood, metal and resin.

Raw or autoclaved wood provides a chalet style, is very resistant and has the best insulation properties but requires maintenance. The species generally used are fir, spruce or pine.

Raw wood should be treated with insecticide, fungicide and water repellent before assembly. After assembly, it is advisable to stain the wooden chalet (1 or 2 layers) to prevent it from turning gray and to repeat the operation every 3 years (2 layers).

The autoclaved wood is already treated it only requires one coat of stain every 10 years.The painted wood is durable and colorful and its soft, Mediterranean colors are very current. Regarding maintenance, it is advisable to wash it regularly and to use a micro-porous “special wood” paint to give a new look to the combination garden room.THT wood is rot-proof and durable. It is particularly suitable for difficult climatic conditions.

Discover all the wooden combination garden rooms

The metal galvanized or lacquered steel is insensitive to rust and does not require any special maintenance.Be careful, however, by the sea, because steel does not support salty air well.

Regarding the roof, there is a choice between a 1-pan roof called an attached combination garden room, a 2 or 3-sided roof in the traditional style or finally a flat roof for a contemporary garden chalet. In terms of materials, it is possible to choose between:

  • Thicknesses of chipboard or water-repellent OSB, covered with roofing felt, light and easy to install.
  • Thicknesses of battens and shingle roofs, easy to install and recognized for their sealing and insulation qualities.
  • Of flat or corrugated steel plates, economic, light and strong.

Choosing joinery: door, windows and floor

To design a combination garden room that integrates perfectly into the environment, a wide choice of custom doors and windows is available:The door can be hinged or sliding. A double door allows easy storage of riding mower, workshop machines or bulky furniture.

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