Increase Donations of the Church by Adapting More Practical Methods

Church giving has already reached its lowest depression point in the last two decades. Usually, members give 2.3 % of their yearly family income to the church. Reports are showing that in recent times more than 37% of people are giving nothing at all. 

Several churches follow the Church Online Giving formula. It means they allow online giving but the number of those is only 43%.

Reasons Behind the Less Online Giving

When we look deep into the matter, we find two main reasons for such bad condition of church donation,

Nowadays, people are coming less frequently to churches. Service sessions are the main reasons for people to donate. If the members attend fewer services, then the donation will automatically suffer.

Nonprofit organizations have an online giving facility in 76% of institutions where the number is only 43% for the churches. There are more than 33% of churches with less than 250 members. 

These numbers clearly show the horrendous situation of the church donation.

Counter This Situation by Applying the Following 5 Practical Methods

  • When you want to increase your Church Online Giving you need to start with the basics. You just need to nail the online donation page by changing its color or adding new logos and photos. 
  • Providing a donation form in front of the church website will ease your work of gathering people’s attention to the donation. Make sure this process includes the fewest number of steps so that people don’t it in the middle.
  • Recurring donations will be the smartest thing you can imagine. By applying this method, you don’t have to inspire your members to donate regularly. You just have to do it once and the further will be done automatically.
  • The revolutionary text-to-give process is the most popular way of donating especially for the churches which have regular gatherings. So the time has arrived to say goodbye to the check-writing when the donation can be made from a mobile phone.
  • Creating a mobile application about your church and putting the donation option there will be a more convenient way.


Always keep the donators updated with the church programs. The relationship between the church and the members is more important than anything else. If it works well then donations following Church Online Giving will come automatically. You have to engage your members by thanksgiving, meeting, and emailing. These methods have been proved successful and it will help the church to make a strong strategy.  

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