Handy Examines Hidden Mythical Cities We Can’t Find


Human history has no dearth of amazing and shocking mysteries. Among all the mysteries, the mystery of various lost civilizations keeps intriguing our minds. From the depths of the Mediterranean to the jungles of South America, there has been no end to these mysteries. Various theories have been put forward by authors and explorers towards the same. In this article, Handy explores a few such hidden mythical cities that we can’t find.

The Cities

  1. The lost city of Atlantis – Believed to be a powerful and expansive kingdom with the most advanced technology and navy, this city was mentioned first by the Greek philosopher Plato in 360 BC. He believed that the entire city was wiped out by ‘a night of fire and earthquakes’ at around 9,600 BC and sank into the sea. There have been various expeditions to prove its existence since then. The most recent expedition which makes us believe in its existence was the one headed by Canadian Israeli journalist Simcha Javobovici with film director James Cameron. Taking clues from Plato’s writings and after searching the seafloor for signs of ruins they strongly believe that there existed a major trading civilization four thousand years ago. They also discovered six bronze age stone anchors in the ‘Strait of Gibraltar’ off the coast of Spain.
  2. The Lost City of Kalahari – This city has its first mention in the papers of a Canadian adventurer named Guillermo Farini after his return from the treacherous Kalahari Desert in 1885. He is believed to have discovered the remains of a lost civilization buried in sands. Dozens of expeditions had been taken since to prove the same. In 2016, the series ‘Expedition Unknown’ tried to look for the lost city using aerial scans and radar. They were able to discover man-made ruins near an oasis located just inside the Kalahari which looks like a major find.
  3. The lost city of El Dorado – There has been a widespread belief of the existence of a city high in the Andes mountains whose king covered himself in gold dust, hence the name ‘El Dorado’ or ‘The Golden One.’ The legend later progressed from the golden king to an entire kingdom of gold. Expeditions had been taken since, but they all proved to be disastrous. Whatever the truth may be, the legend is still strong in the local culture. It has found a place in some movies and has a video game inspired by it. 
  4. The lost city of Lyonesse – It is believed that the litany of 140 islands in Britain’s Isles of Scilly is actually the hilltops of a lost drowned world. The City of Lyonesse is mentioned as an unidentified piece of land extending six miles from the sea and is now believed to have been submerged in water as a result of a massive flood. Even geologists say that the region has experienced a great deal of submergence in the last 3,000 years so there is a hard possibility to prove it.


Handy believes that we still have a lot to discover and learn about ancient culture. And, unearthing the ruins of ancient civilizations is the best way to gain new knowledge about the ancient history of the world.

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