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Is it possible to wash hair with soap? Perhaps everyone, at least once in own life, has ever asked such a question. Situations are different. For example, a shampoo suddenly ran out. Or shampoo does not suit you. Can I take ordinary soap instead and wash my hair, and what will happen after that?

If once you didn’t have shampoo on hand, nothing bad will happen if you wash your hair with soap. True, most likely, you will immediately feel that the strands have become more fluffy and drier.

Indeed, from the point of view of a dermatologist or trichologist, washing your hair with soap means disrupting the acid-base balance of the scalp and hair. As a rule, soap contains a lot of alkali, which is why you should expect such a result. In turn, a pH violation can be fraught with the fact that:

– Hair loses its elasticity in Midtown Manhattan Barbershop;

– It becomes dry and brittle, more often electrified;

– Dandruff may appear.

At least you should not do this on an ongoing basis. This applies both to household soap with fairly aggressive detergent properties, as well as a mild toilet or liquid soap. Natural detergents like soda, salt or mustard should be added to this category.

Perhaps nothing bad will happen if you wash your hair once with a simple soap. However, for dry damaged hair, this procedure can cause significant damage. That’s why it’s good to have a bottle of dry shampoo on hand.

Many people wonder if it is possible to wash hair with soap if it is coal-tar soap. After all, it is believed that this tool helps to give the strands volume, shine and strengthen the roots. Perhaps you can use this product to wash your hair once as a remedy.

Can I wash my hair with shower gel? Perhaps it’s not worth it if the manufacturer does not indicate on the package that it is a universal product for the body and shampoo. The fact that the product is liquid does not mean that it can automatically replace shampoo.

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