How much a customized shirt can cost you?

Nothing comes at free of cost so if you are looking to customize your shirt you have to spend some money on it. Customization helps to make your t-shirt look cool and trendy. Now days many clothing store offers the services of customization. This includes printing your name, embroidery etc. Custom tees are not expensive and they do not cost you more than $10. This is why many people prefer to get their t-shirts customized. If you are purchasing t-shirt in a bulk quantity then the customized price gets even lower. The price of customization also depends on the quality of material and the color of tees you selected. Customization on colored shirts is slightly more than plain white shirt. Moreover, if you customized a design on front and back as well. Then do expect to pay some extra cash on it. For example, if you intend to design your own polo shirts with your name printed on the back and front as well. It would cost you around $15.

How much should you charge for a shirt?

Many of the people who own a clothing store tend to ask how much they should charge on shirts and what is the profit margin they should place on it. We all know that every business works to make money and if the business suffers loss then it may soon diminish. Before you set a price for your t-shirt make sure to study market first. Then determine your profit margin as well. Many clothing stores these days retain a profit margin of 50%. If your store have good quality shirt then don’t be afraid to put a heavy price tag on it. People would be willing to pay the price if it is worth it.

What should you look out in a t-shirt?

If you intend to buy a polo shirt then make sure that its fabric is made up of knitted material. Other factors which you need to look while buying a shirt is its quality, durability and lastly its price tag.

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