Conversion Optimization For Non-Branded SEO

In this case, we are faced with users who have landed on our site through searches of semantic territories through which our domain has managed to position itself in the search engine. Here the work becomes more complicated since these are people who are unaware of our environment, navigation format and key benefits, or in other words, what we offer the user that makes us a better option than the competition.

We can differentiate “SEO non branded” users according to the landing on which they arrive at our site:

  • Informational landings

In this case, the user has reached our website to a section of content (blog, FAQ, …), probably by a query related to a search aimed at solving a doubt or question.

This is probably a type of conversion-oriented visit from the second/third session. In this case, optimizing the conversion is based on offering a reference content, capable of not only responding to the user to the different FUDs (Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts) he faces but to convince him and generate interest in the rest of our site. For example, we can take advantage to offer you some incentive for our products. For this, a good option that can work very well are the list type content: “The ten best gaming chairs”, listing and linking to each of them.

  • Commercial landings

The user already lands in the home, category, subcategory or product page, and enters directly into our sales funnel. In this case, optimizing the conversion of a new user originates directly from our capacity for attraction and conviction.

You must give the user all the ingredients so that their experience is magical and avoid even going to compare to other sites. In any case, the direct sale on the first landing of a new user is much more complicated, and our target must be well known to take you to convert, and that is where our positioning as a brand is critical: quality vs price, service, shipping, after-sales, etc. this feature is handled effectively by seo company bangkok.

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