Why You Should Not Buy  A Counterfeit Watch

Many people think there is no harm in owning a counterfeit designer watch, especially having one with the name of a known brand inscribed on it. There are many false and fake watches all over the world with the name of popular brands of watchmakers. Owners of this counterfeit watches do not see it as an issue, and some see it as a crime without any harm. Nevertheless, selling fake watches is a very illegal act and can have grave consequences. We shall elucidate more on reasons why you should not buy a fake watch in this article.

Your Watch can be confiscated

In countries like France and Italy, you can be fined immediately you are found wearing a counterfeit watch, and you can face serious jail time just buying fake Watch. Even when you buy them or knowingly, it remains an illegal offense to talk more of when you are caught selling them in places like the United States. You can face up to 9 years in prison for such a crime.

You will hurt your reputation

When you wear a replica or counterfeit Watch to watch collecting communities, you stand a chance of disgracing yourself as the watch collectors can easily detect you as a fake.  Also, you are at risk of doing business with watch collectors if they find out that you deal with fake watches.

You dilute the brand’s prestige that you are aspiring to

When you wear fake watches and replicas of Original watches like the นาฬิกา Rolex ก๊อป (which is the term in Thai), you bring down the value of the top brand of Watch you are using it’s counterfeit. You indirectly make people lose trust in the original brands. With the increase of fake watches, the original ones quickly fade out of the market.

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