Best Smartphone Apps to Help you Manage and Track Inventory

Technology companies have designed and developed inventory stock application (โปรแกรม สต๊อก สินค้า, which is the term in Thai) to help users make inventory data entry, search, and visualize their inventory at any place and time using their smartphones and tablets. Today one can find numerous inventory management apps for iOS and Android devices. Here we’ve listed a few of the top apps in no particular order based on their scanning, integration, and ease-of-use features.

Using any of these inventory stock applications for inventory management allows users to track products, gain leads, and make changes without needing to be in the office.


Sortly Pro is an easy-to-use inventory app that enables you to visualize and track your items easily across various locations. Sortly Pro works via the web, smartphone, or tablet, and is so effective that you can have it operating on your own in minutes. This app is used by multiple modern businesses of all sizes, such as HP, Lyft, Smithsonian, Sanford Health, Yale, and Coors.

Inventory Now

Inventory Now (formerly known as Inventory Tracker), makes inventory tracking a lot easier. Inventory Now is ideal for small to medium scale business owners who would want to visualize their inventory or track the number of items in a particular segment at a given time.

Stock Control

Stock Control is available for iOS, and Mac; it lists items, classifies, and connects them with storage locations. With Stock Control, users can easily manage their inventory level and value.

Goods Order Inventory

Goods Order Inventory helps users to stay connected to their businesses. It works via the web, desktop, and mobile app. With Goods Order Inventory, users can manage and track their inventory in real-time. Its User-friendly interfaces and easy navigation, as well as its barcode scanning feature with mobile devices, make it top on our list.

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