Best Smartphone Apps to Help you Manage and Track Inventory

Technology companies have designed and developed inventory stock application (โปรแกรม สต๊อก สินค้า, which is the term in Thai) to help users make inventory data entry, search, and visualize their inventory at any place and time using their smartphones and tablets. Today one can find numerous inventory management apps for iOS and Android devices. Here we’ve […]

Why You Should Not Buy  A Counterfeit Watch

Many people think there is no harm in owning a counterfeit designer watch, especially having one with the name of a known brand inscribed on it. There are many false and fake watches all over the world with the name of popular brands of watchmakers. Owners of this counterfeit watches do not see it as […]

Importance Of A Battery Backup

The UPS system was previously meant for computer systems, but now it is a more conditioned and supplementary form of external power supply. This is because of the valuable benefits observed by using ups. Nowadays, ups can be found in various places such as cordless phones, factory etc. Ups also serves as a backup source […]

Choosing The Right Ac adapter For Your Gadget

Choosing the right power supply for your device is very important to ensure the equipment lasts. In this article, we shall go through the basics of selecting a power supply that will work well on your device. What is an AC adapter? An adaptor is a device that converts your main AC power to DC […]