Vehicle Smart Parking

The concept of smart parking is one of the recent technology adopted in developed countries nowadays. Various countries have quick parking projects going on already while some have them operational. The intelligent parking concept is straightforward to install. Developed cities which have taken advantage of the technological world have adopted a smart parking policy. Due to the global increase in the population of vehicles and trucks, there is a need to invest in a parking system that ensures orderliness. The growth of cars over time has resorted to less parking space. Some people even have to Car pledge (รับจำนำรถจอด, which is the term in Thai) to get a space to park their cars. This article shall tell us briefly about the meaning of smart parking, its benefits, and what it entails for drivers.

What is smart parking?

Smart parking is a parking system that generally helps drivers to find a parking space. With the help of the IoT, a mobile app displays the nearest parking space available to the drivers. This ensures the drivers get parking space without much stress and on time.

What are the benefits of smart parking for drivers?

There are various benefits associated with smart parking for drivers. These benefits will be highlighted in this article.

  • Less fuel is wasted
    With the accurate Direction given to drivers, they get to conserve fuel and waste fuel kilometres getting to the available parking space.
  • Save money
    With less use of welcomes increased saving of money. Money that should be used for extra fuel is saved as they are directed to the nearest parking space
  • Increase in safety.
    The safety of the cars is insured as a driver is less distracted in looking for a place to park the car. The attention is focused on the road because a package that has already been booked for them.


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