Marathon Training Tips for Beginners 

Marathon training can be life-changing because of its impact on your lifestyle. The practice encourages positive dieting, improves sleep pattern and social life. It’s helpul when you have support from family or friends, so think of recruiting your support team now. 

Whether you’re training with your mind set on a marathon medal (เหรียญวิ่งมาราธอน, which is the term in Thai) or just for the love of marathon, here are some marathon training tips that will help you achieve your goals:

1. Keep a Training Log.

Write down your daily run times, mileage, race, times, and distance. In order not to forget later, it’s best to write it down immediately. This way you always learn from your training, especially if you eventually do more races going forward. 

2. Gradually Increase Your Weekly Mileage.

This lets you to gradually increase your mileage and reduces the chances of sustaining injuries over time.

3. Include a “Cut Back” Week.

  Cut back a little once in a while. You can do this every third or fourth week of training. This implies you should reduce your mileage and use it as a soft week.

4. Run Three to Four Days a Week.

Include a long run, double shorter runs for strength and speed, and an optional soft recovery run day. To improve speed, focus on your run pace once a week by running a bit faster when you increase time or distance. For strength; run on hills once a week. Long runs improve your distance. Run at a slow and comfortable pace, about a minute or two per mile slower than what you expect your goal pace.

5. Alternate a Tough Day with a Soft Day or a Day Off.

This way, your body properly recovers from the hard effort, and real adaptations can take place. 

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