Traveling and Typhoid Is a Vaccination Necessary?

If you’ve done your homework correctly and have visited a certified travel clinic before you take off, then the list of things you normally worry about as you set off on an overseas trip (where are the tickets? Do I have enough cash? Did I pack the right clothing? Who’s going to feed the cat? etc.) will be less one. At a travel clinic you will have received the correct vaccination (or vaccinations) for the part of the globe you will be traveling to. Even though we have it pretty good here in the West, there are still many diseases that plague the rest of the world. Yellow fever and typhoid are two of the most common diseases that Western travelers need to worry about when overseas.

There are so many details to take care of before heading off on an overseas journey that sometimes the most important ones are overlooked. It is highly recommended that anyone about to travel overseas visit a certified travel clinic. Although it is possible to have a successful trip without this visit, many travelers find that once they employ the services of a travel clinic they keep coming back because these facilities help in numerous ways. One of the most important ways is to figure out and supply the correct vaccination for the trip about to be taken. From yellow fever to typhoid, a travel doctor’s professional advice is indispensable to the world traveler.

Face it, the world is still a dangerous place and it would take an encyclopedic-type memory to know all of the diseases that are prevalent in which areas of the world. This is where the travel doctor comes in. Your friendly neighborhood travel doctor will be able to say with the utmost authority that if traveling anywhere in the developing world than a typhoid vaccination is highly recommended before leaving the states.

The developing world is considered anywhere besides the highly industrialized countries of Europe, Australia, America and Japan. High risk areas include Latin America, Africa, and parts of Asia. Typhoid is easily contracted and affects over twenty million people worldwide each and every year. Treatment includes the use of antibiotics, but the best protection is the vaccination. It is easily affordable and available at any certified travel clinic.

Typhoid is a potentially deadly illness caused by a bacteria that commonly thrives in sewerage and other contaminated bodies of water. Contamination is also caused by an infected individual handling your food or drink. These infected individuals carry the bacteria in their bloodstream and intestinal tract. While overseas it is important to be vigilant regarding everything you eat and drink. Water especially should be avoided in many regions of the world. Drink only bottled water when possible, and make sure that tap water-if it must be consumed-is boiled for at least one whole minute before drinking. It does sound like a huge inconvenience, but sans a vaccination it is the only way to make sure that you return home typhoid free.

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