The 4X4 and Your Off Road Adventure

The 4 wheel drive SUV and Truck are very common vehicles on the road today, they are everywhere. 4 wheel drive owners including myself tend to express our identity in the kind of 4 wheel drive we own.

You have your die hard eat dirt, drink mud 4 wheel drive enthusiasts. These guys and gals live for the moment to put their 4X4 to the ultimate test. Their 4 wheel drives are most generally built to handle the most extreme off road conditions. They spend a lot of money on top quality performance parts that will handle these conditions.

Then there are those 4X4 owners who have this Jekyll & Hyde mentality about 4 wheeling. They appear to have this calm and cool type personality with a touch of conservativeness about them; until they push the 4Hi button.

At last you have those who own a 4X4 and just like the idea of owning a 4 wheel drive. Great idea you guys and gals! Personally, I would not own a SUV or pick-up unless it was a 4X4. It never made much sense to me to spend money on a 2WD pick-up or SUV; but that is just my own opinion.

Okay, for those of you who fit the description directly above; and who own that awesome piece of machinery called the 4X4. Maybe it’s about time to take that next step and take your 4X4 on an off road adventure.

Spending a weekend or whole week enjoying the off road trails can be an experience of a lifetime; especially when the whole family is involved. You get this sense of adventure and the ability to go places where 2WD vehicles would not even fathom of going.

Camping and enjoying the outdoors while hitting the trails; your family will tell stories about these off road adventures for years.

These kinds of vacations can be quite inexpensive (unless you break down) compared to a trip to Disney Land. Look at it this way, you already own the 4WD. A tent is a lot cheaper than hotel rooms.

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