Auto Stocks Suffering

Certainly, the generalized answer to the suffering auto stocks dilemma has something to do with a mixture of things, such as decreased auto sales, the price of gasoline, and environmentally-conscious consumers. Yet, upon careful inspection, one has to question why the auto manufacturers choose not to change course to meet these new demands when you have cheaper cars, high mileage, and alternative fuel sources.

According to the senior vice president and senior auto analyst at Lehman Brothers, Nicholas Lobaccaro, the success of the auto industry is suffering due to exterior factors. “There is basically a total lack of confidence for all stocks, not just the auto industry. Wall Street is going to continue to nosedive for a long time,” Mr. Lobaccaro reports to the recent Las Vegas Conference for Automotive Remarketing.

High interest rates on auto loans, high unemployment rates, thousands of home mortgages going into foreclosure, and a consistently growing population all have a factor into the auto industry’s bottom line. Consumers are cutting back in every way possible, where the middle class family who once purchased their child’s first

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Some of the reason for why the auto stocks are suffering can also be placed squarely upon the shoulders of the auto manufacturers themselves. Nearly forty years ago, new cars that used very little gas or no gas at all were introduced, but now with newer technology, the affordable

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