Marathon Training Tips for Beginners 

Marathon training can be life-changing because of its impact on your lifestyle. The practice encourages positive dieting, improves sleep pattern and social life. It’s helpul when you have support from family or friends, so think of recruiting your support team now.  Whether you’re training with your mind set on a marathon medal (เหรียญวิ่งมาราธอน, which is the […]

Recession-Proof Your Business With Technology

Wall Street may be ready to claim that the worst recession in a generation is over but don’t tell that to businesses that didn’t receive any bailout money. Unemployment continues to rise and we all know that consumer spending is tied to jobs. Taking back our great economy will take time but until things turn […]

Increasing Solar Energy Through the Latest Technology

A high-performance coating for solar cells has been developed by the South Korean firm representatives that enhances a solar panel’s power generation capacity by 5 percent. They will be in Kolkota soon to explain the technology to the Indian photovoltaic module manufacturers. The managing director of the West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation (WBGEDC), Mr. […]

Innovative Car Technologies

Over the years there have been some strange features/contraptions to have been installed on cars across the world. Some people would call them innovative, others may call them bizarre – the latest car feature that has caught my eye is Ford’s inflatable seatbelt. It’s currently only available on models in the US – but surely […]

Invest in Equipment to Support Your Home Technology – Satellite TV Deserves That Big Screen

I started out as a satellite TV skeptic. In my estimation, cable television service, with its reliable feed and impressive selection of programming (which far exceeded the selections offered solely on local networks) seemed genuinely more than adequate. My husband, however, was sincerely convinced (and thus, successfully convincing) in the opinion that satellite television signals […]