Why Bouquet is Given?

Flowers are a symbol of beauty. Flowers represent something beautiful and charming. Flowers can speak volumes when words cannot represent a person’s feelings. One of the beautiful flowers that symbolize beauty and can represent feelings is the valentine flowers Singapore. Giving flowers is a form of affection on Valentine’s Day.

A flower bouquet will make your loved ones feel your relationship is meaningful. Prepare a flower bouquet well to welcome Valentine’s Day. The beauty of flowers, with their color, aroma, and shape, can provide a little comfort from despair feelings. There are many types of beautiful valentine flowers Singapore that can be given to lovers, parents, or friends. Every flower and color has a different meaning. Following are the flower recommendations for V Day:

  1. Roses

Roses are known as a sign of love and have a fragrant aroma. Choose roses with long stems so they will last longer by cutting off the wilted stems below. Give a red rose to someone you love. If you are in love, show it with pink roses. As for the sign of love for friends, choose yellow roses.

Roses are the most preferred flower on Valentine’s Day. Roses have many beautiful colors, such as red roses, white roses, blue roses, purple roses, peach roses, and black roses.

So that the bouquet doesn’t look monotonous, red roses can also be combined with white roses as a sign of the hope of wanting to be loved again. The easy red color symbolizes love and admiration. Meanwhile, blue roses are one of the favorite choices when expressing feelings of love. In general, the color blue is associated with mystery and imagination. 12 Stalks of the flower symbolize trust and relationships that complement special moments. The flower that is often found today is usually a white rose that has been given a blue color.

  1. Carnations

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in Indonesia. This flower has beautiful colors and smells good. Carnations are also classified as durable cut flowers because they have a stem length of up to two meters. Carnations have many types, such as White Carnations, Red Carnations, Stunning Purple Carnations, Flaming Yellow Carnations, and Line Motif Carnations.

A carnation bouquet has many meanings depending on the color. Pink carnations can represent a mother’s eternal love and admiration, white carnations symbolize purity and good luck, and dark red carnations symbolize deep love. Please don’t go for yellow carnations as they mean disappointment.

  1. Tulips

Tulip is one of the flowers that can be a gift for couples on Valentine’s Day. Tulips are classified as strong cut flowers, so they can last longer when placed in a vase filled with water.

The tulip itself is a perfect symbol of love, so it is suitable as a form of affection. A bouquet of tulips given as a gift can represent a deep-rooted and lasting feeling of love for someone.

The tulip flower is referred to as the national flower for Turkey and the Netherlands. If you pay attention, the flower’s shape looks very simple, but the tulips are full of meaning, especially since they have many color choices.

  1. Lily Flower

Lilies are ideal flowers for elegant recipients. The New York School of Flower Design director, Michael Gaffney, told Woman’s Day that the fragrant Casablanca lilies are an excellent choice for people with modern tastes. In contrast, Stargazer lilies signify respect for loved ones.

If you want to show loyalty, give a bouquet of Calla lilies. Tiger lilies are also very romantic because they symbolize passion. Peruvian lilies can also be an option because they have a soft fragrance and beautiful colors. When you want to give something special in the form of flowers to your partner on Valentine’s Day, then the lily can be an option.

The lily flower has a meaning as true loyalty and immortality, so it is suitable to be given to your partner so that your love is truly eternal until death separates. When giving lily flowers, indirectly ask the couple to go through the bittersweet domestic life together. Moreover, white lilies as a gift reflect the purity of true love.

  1. Sunflower

Sunflowers can be one of the romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. Moreover, sunflower petals are very beautiful so that they can be one of the best flower choices for couples. The sunflower petals also symbolize happiness, admiration, and long life. Sunflower is a type of compound interest consisting of hundreds to thousands of small flowers on the ear. Sunflowers have a characteristic behavior that is always following the direction of the sun. It is this trait that initiated the sunflower philosophy, associated with loyalty.

In addition, sunflower has its term, namely, I only see you. If interpreted, the recipient of this flower will be the only special person. If your partner is a person who has high spirits and a cheerful character, sunflowers can be an option when Valentine’s Day arrives.

  1. Orchid Flower Moon


Moon orchid is a monopodial orchid plant that likes and requires little sunlight to support its life. This flower is one of Indonesia’s national flowers, first discovered by a botanist from the Netherlands, Dr. C.L. Blume.

Moon orchids have green leaves with elongated shapes and white roots that are round and have a fleshy feel. Its epiphytic life is supported by attaching itself to tree trunks or branches in forests and thrives up to 600 meters above sea level.

All orchids symbolize love and beauty. The orchid’s color can change the meaning of the flower in question. This exotic flower brings beauty and elegance to any occasion, with flowers appearing to float in the air. Orchid flowers give the world a sweet vanilla flavor too.

  1. Chrysanthemum flowers

Chrysanthemums are a symbol of optimism and joy. White chrysanthemums, generally symbolizing perfection, are suitable for a token of praise for a lover. With beautiful thin petals, red chrysanthemums express a desire to share. Meanwhile, yellow chrysanthemums are a sign that you have been a secret admirer for a long time. A compliment by giving chrysanthemum flowers can mean many things, especially for a partner who always accompanies joy and sorrow.

There is the fact that chrysanthemums rank second after roses, making this flower famous as one of the cut flowers whose demand always increases from year to year. It turns out that not many people know that this beautiful flower has benefits. One of them is as a vegetable fungicide and insecticide. The weevil flowers have pyrethrin compounds that produce poison and repel and kill mosquitoes and other insects.

Before giving Valentines day flowers, make sure you know what flowers you want to buy. So that later your lover will like him. The flowers you give can make each other strengthen relationships and affection. And for a simple bouquet hunting, you can use gift delivery Singapore online.

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