How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

Because of perceived raised prices, only a small percentage of individuals with addiction pursue treatment. However, the cost of getting drug rehab is minuscule compared to the potential health and social costs of avoiding surgery. Getting help now can help you prevent these negative consequences.

Each day, millions of Americans walk around with an addiction. According to a 2016 report by the U.S. surgeon general, almost 21 million people in the United States have a substance use disorder. Yet only 10 percent of these individuals get substance abuse treatment.

Why is this? Part of the reason relates to the costs. In 2011 and 2014, almost 40 percent of Americans with a substance use disorder who required treatment didn’t go to rehab because they believed they could not afford it or did not have health insurance.

You may be pondering; how much does it cost to get drug rehab? You may be thinking about how costly it is. But the cost of treatment pales concerning the cost of addiction. And many people do not realize that insurance can significantly decrease the price of rehab. New laws have passed those who need insurance companies to cover addiction and mental health treatment.

How Much Is Rehab?

Addiction centers nationwide vary in price for all levels of care. People with more severe substance use disorders likely require extended and more intensive treatment. Intensive care ordinarily is more expensive than the standard treatment.


Detox is the process of ridding drugs from the body and safely overcoming withdrawal. The question of how much it costs to get drug rehab often incorporates a 30-day detox program that ranges from $250 to $800 per day based on information from drug treatment facilities across the United States.

Residential Treatment

The estimated cost of primary residential treatment, which usually involves assessments and around-the-clock supervision, is between $2,000 and $20,000. Long-term residential care, lasting within 60 and 90 days, may cost twice as much.

Some high-living rehab facilities charge more than $25,000 for 30 days of treatment. But most private treatment centers cost less than that.

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient care enables individuals to live at home while undergoing treatment. Within a series of appointments, patients learn to be drug-free without living at a facility. Outpatient care frequently costs about $5,000 for a three-month program. Some agencies may charge up to $10,000 for outpatient treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Intensive outpatient treatment is a complete version of outpatient care that generally includes multiple appointments per week lasting about three hours per day. This level of care can cost between $3,000 and $10,000 for 30 days of treatment.

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