Ensure high performance tires for smooth and safe ride

Road is the place where accidents can happen any time. Your safety on road depends on many factors and your choice of the tire is one among them. Apparently, nothing can beat the experience of a freedom of riding own car but before sitting behind wheel it is crucial to ensure that your car is fully functional otherwise you might put your and others life at risk. Regardless of how skilful driver you are you might be exposed to difficult conditions such as reckless drivers, faulty vehicle, adverse weather conditions, heavy traffic, etc. hence rely on the best tire such as Dunlop tires (ยาง รถยนต์ Dunlop, which is the term in thai) and enhance safety on road.

Extends tire lifespan

Tire is an expensive investment which is the only part of the car that contact with the road. By following few simple steps you can significantly extend the lifespan of the tire and get rid of frequent change or costly repair of the tire

  • Both Under-inflated or over-inflated tires could can wear down quickly hence checking tire air pressure regularly even that of the spare one
  • Inspect your tire regularly for wear and any damage
  • Do not exceed the load capacity relative to the tire’s load index
  • Avoid driving at high speed

Things to consider

Most of the people do not give much importance to choose the right tire unless any disaster strikes them. A tire can impact your vehicle’s handling, ride noise, ride comfort, tracking, braking and safety hence for smooth and safe drive on road consider few factors when buying tire for your car

  • Size of the tire such as width, sidewall height ratio and wheel diameter
  • Type of tire such as all-season tires, winter/snow tires or summer tire
  • Wheel alignment and tire rotation

Have peace of mind

Along with high quality tire most of the reliable dealers also offer commendable services such as wheel switch, wheel balancer, tire inflator, nitrogen filling, etc. under single roof.

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