The Most Common Pedestrian Accidents

Not all people have vehicles. Some people prefer walking to their desired destination, especially if they are near or are living in cities like New York. Because of this habit, there are overpasses and pedestrian crossings built to make the people safer when crossing the street. However, there may still be accidents. 

If you were ever hit by a vehicle and sustained injuries, it is best to call a abogados de accidentes de trabajo losangeles so you can get a settlement claim. A personal injury lawyer will take care of the damages and negotiate with terms against the at-fault party in case a vehicle hits you while you are walking down the street. 

According to The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), there are 7,700 pedestrians died in traffic in 2018. Non-traffic incidents occur on non-traffic ways such as driveways, parking lots, or other private property. In 2018, 6,283 lives were taken in traffic crashes, and all of them occurred on public roads. 

If you live in urban areas, you are more likely to get hit by a car while crossing the street, as statistics show that 79% of all pedestrian traffic fatalities occur in urban settings. You may also be more careful when crossing the street during night time as most of these deaths occur during this time because a driver’s vision is slightly hindered. 

To prevent accidents from happening, a driver must be careful of his surroundings. As a pedestrian, it is your job to abide by the rules and only cross the street when the lights turn red. By doing these precautionary measures, you can decrease the number of pedestrian accidents, or you can always contact your local abogados de daños personales huntington beach

On the other hand, if you want to know the most common accidents in the pedestrian lane, you can read this AbogadoContigo infographic. 

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