7 Ways You Can Advance Your Welding Skills And Welding Career

With proper knowledge and right strategy, welding can be quite a lucrative career. After all, metal fabrication is essentially needed in a diverse set of industries — making the services of welding companies constantly in demand.

Whether you’re trying to boost your existing career or you’re shifting into the world of welding, this read is for you. In this article, we’ve compiled seven ways you can advance your welding skills and career.

Get proper education and training. Anyone who wants to thrive in the welding industry should get proper training first. And one of the most valuable lessons you need to learn is about MIG welding — or the arc welding process of joining base materials with the aid of a welding gun and a continuously fed solid wire electrode. Knowing this fundamental skill will allow you to make most types of fabrication.

Apply for a company that fosters career advancement. Many firms only hire welders to perform basic fabrication jobs. If you want to grow as a welder, it would be beneficial if you apply for one of those welding companies that offer career advancement — like providing regular training for their employees.

Be updated with the latest welding technologies. Speaking of regular training, welding is one of those career paths that require continuous learning. One tested way of advancing your skills and career in this field is to learn and be updated with the latest advancements in welding. Knowing how to employ modern techniques will help you land a job that requires hi-tech welding.

Know the importance of cleaning impurities. One of the most common mistakes welders commit is poor preparation. This results in a weak weld or an output with surface porosity. Hence, it is vital to always clean out impurities — including dust, moisture, oil, and grease — before beginning any fabrication job. Always observing this fundamental process will help you deliver consistently high-quality output.

Be an expert in preventing cracks in welds and applying reinforcement. Welds crack for a number of reasons — including not preheating and not grinding cracks prior to welding, among others. But when a crack is located in an area that can be difficult to grind out or address prior to welding, it’s also vital to know how to apply reinforcement. Reinforcing high-stress points is often needed to boost the strength of the weld.

Master how to weld out of position. There will be cases when welders need to perform welding processes out of position. And in such instances, you have to know how to counteract the effects of gravity — or the no. 1 enemy that hinders welders from properly employing welding techniques. You have to know how to properly do horizontal, vertical, and overhead welds for you to be able to accommodate more welding jobs.

Join a professional organization. Apart from joining welding companies that offer career advancement, it will also be helpful to take part in a professional welding organization. Not only will it expand your network, it will also give you access to different resources on how to improve your welding skills.

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