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Cinema is an entertainment business and is increasing over the years. Cinema is a powerful medium of communication that triggers our emotions and intelligence. A story writer writes a story, actors perform in their given characters, music composer composes music, and this entire process is to take us to a fictional world and to entertain us. Though the primary intention of Cinema is to engage the audience, it has evolved to a stage where it impacts our lives. We laugh, cry, fear, sympathize, and express our emotions along with the characters.

Telugu film industry has seen remarkable changes in recent times. New technicians, actors, and technology are transforming the industry to the next level. It is good to see many innovative things happening in the industry. The new Telugu movies are coming up with different stories, unique ways of filmmaking, and excessive budgets. Below are some new Telugu films which are made differently. Let’s check out some new Telugu movies in aha ott.

MAJILI: Poorna, an aspiring cricketer, falls in love with Anshu, but unfortunate circumstances cause the two to separate. In a state of depression, Poorna agrees to marry Sravani, and after an epiphany of understanding Sravani’s unrequited love, Poorna must choose between his past and present.

ARJUN REDDY: Arjun Reddy is a short-tempered house surgeon madly in love with Preethi. When caste separates him from Preethi, he takes to extreme drinking and drugs. Will fate entwine their love again, or drags him into self-destruction?

KHAIDI: An ex-felon is finally out of prison but a twist in the circumstances at a fateful party. He is left in charge of saving unconscious police officers after crossing paths with Inspector Bejoy. The duo must fight off times, moles in the police cadre, and the Drug lord to emerge victoriously. This film is made without a heroine and songs which is unusual from routine.

Mister: Mistaken identity results in Chay reaching out to Meera and falls for her but finds out she loves another man. A twist in the tale arises when Chai comes down to India, where he meets Chandramukhi, a village girl who falls in love with him.

Maharshi: Rishi, a wealthy young man, comes back to India to reconcile with his college friend. A social issue arises for which he takes up the responsibility to set things right and becomes the champion of poor and downtrodden farmers.

Hello Guru Premakosame: Anu and Sanju develop a great bond after Sanju moves in with Anu and her father. However, they realize their love for each other when Anu is set to marry another man. The rest of the story is as to how Ram makes Anu fall in love with him and also convinces her father.

Agent Sri Sai Athreya: Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya is a small-time detective from Nellore. This entertaining investigative thriller revolves around his troubles and adventures when he investigates the case of an unidentified body.

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