Home Improvement – Creating Curb Appeal on a Small Budget

First impressions matter when it comes to the value of your home. Nowadays, 70 percent of home buyers get their first look at a house from a picture on the Internet. Most people won’t look any farther if the picture is unappealing. Even homeowners who aren’t selling should still care about keeping their biggest asset in top condition.

Curb appeal encompasses the front of your home that is visible from the street. Adding curb appeal can be an overwhelming undertaking, so consider starting with some key elements to boost the appeal of your entire home.

Following are ways create curb appeal on a small budget:

Front door. Choose an attractive screen or storm door that enhances the entire doorway. Many exterior doors are designed with energy-efficient windows that allow light in without letting hot or cool air escape.

Light fixtures. Find outdoor lighting to accent your entryway. It should match the architectural style of your home. This is particularly relevant for lights that mount to the house or underneath the portico. Be more simplistic with landscape lighting so it doesn’t detract from your front door.

Accessories. Remember the smaller items as well, such as doorbells, door knockers, house numbers and mailboxes. For example, sophisticated brass doorbells sell for as little as $10 and offer a more attractive solution than plastic. Choose accessories and lighting with the same finish.

Painting. View the front of your home from across the street. Would a fresh new coat of paint or an entirely new paint color on the front door create more of an inviting focal point? As an example, feng shui practitioners advocate painting front doors red because it creates a bold yet harmonious impression. Also, make sure your exterior house paint is not peeling or fading since it draws attention and creates a negative impression.

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